Our approach

We prefer to quote fixed fees for our services as you are then provided peace of mind what you total fees are going to be.

We believe it is very important that you should not be inhibited in contacting us for advisory support because of fear about the possible cost so we provide a free advice service as detailed below.

If however any enquiry demands further research, or if certification or correspondence is required, we will advise you in advance that the matter falls outside the telephone and email advisory service. You then have the choice as to whether to incur the additional cost.

We find that this works very effectively with our clients and helps to promote a positive working relationship. We therefore ensure there are no hidden surprises in our fee quote.

Our audit planning procedures are designed to enable us to obtain a detailed understanding of the events, transactions and practices that, in our judgement, may have a significant effect on the annual accounts. This allows us to focus our efforts on to those aspects of your activities where the risk of material misstatement is higher and keep costs to a minimum.

We can provide the following:

  • constructive and cost effective audit as we understand and can directly relate to the specific needs of the sector
  • direct partner access with very strong back-up team
  • proactive, integrated and holistic approach
  • experience in advising charities and providing other relevant services
  • continuity of service from a committed team, resulting in an efficient and effective working relationship – we aim to build mutually beneficial long-term working relationships with all our clients
  • in-depth specialist knowledge, combined with commercial awareness and technical competence to meet the particular needs of the charity sector
  • free advice service by telephone and email. On a day-to-day basis, many of our charities group clients telephone or email us for ad hoc financial planning or general business advice which is outside the scope of our audit work or any specialist advice we are providing. Answers to these queries are usually given on the spot or within a short timescale and no further action is required from us.
  • full range of all compliance requirements with Charity Commission, Companies House and HMRC.

We believe the Goldwins Charities Group is perfectly placed to meet all these requirements and exceed your expectations.

Goldwins core philosophy is the provision of the highest quality advice and proactive service to our clients. We offer a service of the highest quality at a cost-effective and competitive price.

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